Thursday, April 17, 2014

Gooseberry Project: A Crowdfunded Open Source 3D animated feature length film

"Project Gooseberry is the code name for Blender Foundation's 5th Open Movie project, to produce a feature animation film using Open Source software"

You can also have a look at this interview with the director.

They have two days left to reach the first 3000 supporters, and the reward is "to have full access to the whole production, while it develops"so why don´t you jump in and have a look?

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Daily Workflow: Workflows for filmmakers and media professionals

Pablo just wrote about this interesting website about workflows and digital cinema equipment http://www.wolfcrow.comIn Pablo´s own words: "there are plenty of articles written with huge reasonableness, and away from the "spec whore" mentality found in the majority of webs".

Readers of this blog might like to have a look at "VFX and CGI Workflows" (

Have a look at the "About" section too, where you will find that the author, Sareesh Sudhakaran, lives in Mumbai, India, and that "Wolfcrow (or wolfkrow) is workflow spelled backwards. Yikes!"