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Max tutorial: "Project Setup/Management and Quality Assurance for Small Business"

Diego (one of this page 'recurring visitors') sent me this link to a tutorial in CGArena about project setup and management, with some scripts for Max.

Project Setup/Management and Quality Assurance for Small Business
"This tutorial is dedicated to freelancers and technical directors in smaller companies who aren´t blessed with an alienbrain server and haven't set up Asset Tracking yet. It covers Project Setup (...) and quality assurance for a consistent production if you take some steps to heart."

The author of the tutorial, Anselm v. Seherr, is a CG freelancer (VFX, shading, texturing and compositing) for several companies.

Thanks, Diego!

Loose links

These are some loose links that might be useful:

Other webs and repositories:
Rendermania has not been updated for a while but if has a wealth of info about renderman compliant renders and also a lot of other renders & related stuff... Since 9 Sept 2000!
Open source projects:
Cgmuscle is an open source muscle system for Maya

Articles, essays:
The Case for Doing a Project by the Book, rather than by cutting corners.

How many of these would you like to have to render your feature film?

Some propietary softwares:
Toonboom should really know how to make a storyboard system, so it is worth having a look at it.

The ContentCube is a comprehensive and scalable MAM solution that is feature-rich but also affordable and modular. It allows entire media libraries to be organized, archived and reused. Each video and image asset can be easily retrieved and transcoded into a variety of formats allowing the use of these assets without specialized software or hardware.

Digital Storage Manager is a po…

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