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Shotgun 5.4 released

This new version includes the following features:

Support for Reviewing Still Images. Now with higher resolution, pan & zoom, and improved color quality.

Redesigned Overlay Player & New Image Attachment Viewer. Interface improvement.

Support for Different Project Workflows (i.e. film, TV, games) on the same Shotgun site.

Smart(er) Thumbnails. New option to show the latest version to see how work is progressing.

Powerful New Ways to Connect Your Data

See more detailed information in their web.

Shotgun to Join Autodesk

I have just received this email from Don Parker of Shotgun Software:
We’re excited to announce that we’re strapping a rocket to our backs and will be nearly tripling the size of our engineering team in an effort to build more tools for you, faster. How? We’ve signed a definitive agreement to join Autodesk, which is going to be making a massive, long-term investment in the vision we share with you for the future. You can get the full scoop on our website, but I want to give you the key points up front.

First, Shotgun is not going away. We will continue to operate under the Shotgun brand with the same team and same style. Our website, forums, support site and team all stay in place. Second, we’re not going to slow down. We are scaling immediately to 2X our current team size and 3X development resources -- to go faster. Third, I’ll keep working for you as hard as I can as the leader of our larger team. The Shotgun crew you know and love are right here with me, and we’ll be joined by some e…

Gooseberry Project: A Crowdfunded Open Source 3D animated feature length film

"Project Gooseberry is the code name for Blender Foundation's 5th Open Movie project, to produce a feature animation film using Open Source software"

This is the Project Pitch:
You can also have a look at this interview with the director.
They have two days left to reach the first 3000 supporters, and the reward is "to have full access to the whole production, while it develops"so why don´t you jump in and have a look?

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