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Scribbeo: iOS app to view, comment, and collaborate on visual content

Jorge sent me this (Copied from their website):

"Scribbeo is an iOS app that allows individuals and groups to view, comment, and collaborate on visual content. Scribbeo is a Universal app that works on iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. 

Annotate video & images directly on screen
Email notes and markups via PDF/HTML
Notes include timecode, date, & initials
Collaborate with other users using our free Scribbeo Server
AirPlay and AirPrint compatible
Expedite complex communication threads
Local, Network, and Live Transcode modes"

MediaSilo 3.0 : the next step in cloud-based tools for video pros

I couldn´t find a written descrition in mediasilo´s site so I am quoting another one I found on a different site:

"MediaSilo helps to significantly streamline the post-production process by enabling better communication between client and vendor. Users visit a website where they access video clips that can be annotated and approved. Editors can then export the feedback and continue work without the need to burn and ship DVDs and then wait for days to receive feedback.

Originally developed in-house and only available to our clients, MediaSilo's online collaboration, video asset management, and web-broadcast tools are now available to anyone at

The bottom line is a shorter post-production period that saves valuable time and helps reduce project timelines, better overall communication between all stakeholders, and more transparency into post-production."

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