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Animation and VFX Planning and Execution: Reel FX and Open Season 2 webinar

Next Monday, December 8, 2008, at 10 am Pacific, 1 pm Eastern you can attend a a free webinar (by and sponsored by Autodesk):

Learn how to build and use a hyper-efficient animation pipeline with the team from Reel FX Creative Studios.

They'll talk about working on Open Season 2 and other projects using their proprietary people and pipeline management tool, Insight, with an emphasis on the use of Autodesk products.

This webinar will cover:
• Creating character animation, movement and style using modular rigging systems
• Moving back and forth between 2D and 3D environments
• Render layer configuration and other challenges of VFX planning and execution
• Smart media-management on Hollywood studio-sized projects
• Executing feature length projects in a short time frameYou can register in this link.

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