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Exclusive! Buckshot free CG Project Manager

It´s not Christmas yet, but Santa has come to visit this blog and brings an exclusive present for all readers! :-D

Marcus just sent this email for you all:
Hi there,
My name is Marcus. I've created a free CG Project Manager called Buckshot.

I used it a couple of years ago for the TV show Spartacus and it worked really well.
My aim is for us to all work together to create more open standards for our industry. I want to help individuals, teams and companies collaborate better and improve their efficiency. We need to be smarter not just cheaper.
The reason this system is revolutionary is that it's built entirely inside Google Apps and it's free. So if you use Gmail like some of the big studios do you're all set.

You can test it out for yourself at:
This is an open project so we need your input to improve the system.
If you like it, you can also get on the free beta test programe for the full Buckshot system which utilizes:
- Agile Development
- E…

New features in Cinesoft´s Cerebro project management system

Cerebro´s latest newsletter informs of a few new features:
Task Tracking: More intuitive "matrix" displaying the current situation on the project, divided into standard process steps.

New Notification Types: Task displaying filter in the users e-mail notification system. Thus, the user can choose the most convenient mode of getting notifications that new tasks are available to him, as well as warnings for the approaching start of the planned tasks.

Assigned Tasks Filtering: On the "To Do List" tab, a new filter has appeared to hide the assigned tasks, which are currently unavailable to start working on. The filter is useful when a user is working on a long-time project with a large number of interconnected tasks.

Jornadas sobre industria audiovisual en el cloud: 20 Nov. Barcelona, 22 Noviembre Madrid

Sorry for posting in spanish,

En nuestro día a día interaccionamos con el cloud de una manera constante a través de banca electrónica, redes sociales, prensa electrónica, streamings de música, archivos multimedia... y las empresas también utilizan soluciones basadas en cloud como CRM, webmail, etc. ¿Está la industria audiovisual adaptando sus procesos a esta nueva realidad? ¿Se aprovechan estas nuevas soluciones para mejorar la productividad y reducir costes en un entorno cada vez más competitivo, sobretodo bajo la coyuntura actual? ¿A qué retos se enfrenta la industria del cloud para adaptarse a los requisitos de la industria audiovisual? ¿Cuáles son los temores de nuestro sector al utilizar este tipo de soluciones? VSN, KIM y MRi os invitan a participar en estas jornadas, donde principales actores de la cadena de valor audiovisual como productoras, distribuidoras de contenidos, organismos públicos, gestores de derechos y medios de comunicación, compartirán su aproximación a las soluc…

Vortex: pipeline platform for the digital film and animation industry

Vortex is a very flexible cross-platform, Python based platform tool designed to consolidate the features of a complex animation/vfx pipeline into a single unified interface, from individual to large size studios. 

Vortex acts as a development platform upon which to build more complex pipeline methods, with the following built in systems:
- Custom file views
- Versioning
- Role management
- Task management
- Cross platform interoperability
- Queue management
- Scalable database backend
- 3rd party software access

While you are there, have a look at the blog as well:

Effects Corner: Insights to visual effects for motion pictures and television.

Scott Squires has been keeping this blog for 7 years now.
I think readers of this blog might be specially interested in:
Naming conventions and workflow
VFX management
VFX schedules
Although not directly related to animation, I find the whole blog really interesting, since it covers many subjects related directly or indirectly to VFX, and also has a substantial amount of VFX INDUSTRY - STATE OF THE INDUSTRY articles.

WeVideo: Online platform for collaborative video production in the cloud.

WeVideo is a web based online platform for collaborative video production in the cloud.

It has a full-featured video editor, supporting all digital file formats from common camera devices, exports to 360p up to 1080p full HD.

Render is fast regardless of your CPU,  since all processing is done on the cloud (you need a paid subscription also to get local download of exports to your computer)

Being online, uploading the files form your desktop can be time consuming but WeVideo for Google Drive allows to create and organize videos directly from your Drive, and even share a WeVideo edit like any other Google document.

You can also connect WeVideo to your Social media accounts to export directly to social media networks like Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook and Twitter.

At last, you can use WeVideo mobile uploading application to add videos, images and music directly to your WeVideo account, and invite your friends into the project.

Wrike free app for smartphones: Project management in your pocket

Wrike has released free Android and iPhone apps with five views:
- “To-do”:  Overview of your responsibilities, deadlines and important tasks across all projects.
- "Activty Stream": A digest of the latest news, task updates and discussions.
- “Someday”: All backlogged tasks without start and due dates.
- "Timer": Count the time you’re spending on a task.
- “Archived”: Quick and easy access to all completed, cancelled and deferred tasks.
For mor details, tips, and download links:

Brevity: Transport & transcode video into a single process

Simplify your workflows by combining transport and transcoding into a single process, enabling the simultaneous delivery of video in multiple formats to multiple locations at the push of a button.
Discover the unique quality and speed advantages of Brevity's patent-pending algorithms, designed around the human visual and perceptual system and optimized for high-end production and distribution workflows.
Begin where others solutions peaks out. Brevity's optimized algorithms can transport video bit for bit or visually lossless at highly accelerated speeds while simultaneously transcoding on the edge.
Collaborate on projects with a enterprise web based application designed to simplify complex workflows with automated project-based file delivery rules and transcoding profiles.

Brevity delivers its solution through a cloud based enterprise media management and collaboration solution that utilizes automated project-driven workflows, advanced algorithms, and teraFLOPS of computing power,…

Blog on Project Management for the Media and Entertainment industry

Talk Management System keeps a very interesting blog on Project Management for the Media and Entertainment industry.

Among many other articles, there is a really impressive (though somewhat otdated) "list of Softwares for Media & Entertainment for the project management industry":

Wrike online project management platform adds freemium account

Wrike Wrike is an online project management platform for making work fast, easy and efficient in co-located and distributed teams. 
It has just added a Free account "Perfect for small teams, student projects and solopreneurs: Key features for up to 5 power users and unlimited collaborators."
You can upgrade to premium for aditional features such as: Gantt Charts, time-tracking, workload view, reports...

Turok: Animation Workflow

This is a really detailed post by Cameron Fielding, analyzing very detailedly his own personal workflow as a 3D animator on a single shot, from initial analysis to final refine.

It´s essential to understand the operator needs in order to serve them in a flexible way.
I don´t recommend anyone to go the other way around...

3D Animation Project Making of: Our 1st 3D animation film

This blogs was written by a group of finnish students working on an ambitious 3D animation project that was finally abandoned, unfortunately.
However, step by step they shared what they were learning about doing a team 3D production, so it is loaded with information about other blogs, video tutorials, conferences, tips...

Sequoya Workflow: a Production Asset Management

(Copied from their website):
"Sequoya Workflow is the most comprehensive application of its kind, supporting computer graphics production for visual effects, animation, interactive, and scientific visualization studios.

Built to maximize control and efficiency, Sequoya Workflow is essential for anyone wanting to integrate workflow automation with production tracking and asset management. Sequoya Workflow tracks all project components, including resources, deliverables, and the tasks required to complete them. In addition, Sequoya Workflow provides an automated pipeline capable of producing any number of renders, composites, and slated movie files from a single command."

The Animation Process, an Overview

Jeff Goldner posted an (Copied from his website): "overall view of the whole animation process. Every production is different, but this describes a typical commercial production's workflow: - Pre production
- Production
- Post production
- Distribution" Most readers of this blog won´t need this introduction, I hope!

mayadailies: A web-based Dailies system for Maya and Wordpress

Hardly a recent release (the plugin dates back to 2008) mayadailies is a (Copied from their website):
"Wordpress based Dailies system for Maya. The script facilitates creating playblasts, uploading the playblast to an ftp server under the current day's folder, and creating a blog entry. Then, every user has access to view the blog entry and the attached thumbnail images from within Maya. All comments posted on the blog for the entry will automatically appear inside of the mayadailies interface within Maya, so that all artists will be sure to get the notes for their last dailies."

VFX Nexus: a web application to collaborate and track for visual effects studios.

VFX Nexus is (Copied from their website):
"A hosted web application for visual effects studios of all sizes to collaborate and track their entire workflow:

- Accessible anywhere
- Unlimited projects, shots, tasks
- Granular user permissions
- Share files worldwide new!
- Customizable to your workflow
- Secure, fast and quick setup
- Monthly subscription pricing

VFX Nexus has been central to the success of more than 20 feature films as well as numerous television and commercial productions."

Talk about Animation Studio Pipelines in Kunjanimation 2012 (Cape Town, 17-21 October)

I saw this announcement and thought that maybe someone will be able to attend to this talk by Rob van den Bragt: "Out of the Box – A closer look at Animation Studio Pipelines" and tell us how it went?

The subject seems quite interesting, for sure (Copied from their website):

"This talk takes a closer look at the various animation studio pipelines being used around the world. What works, what doesn’t and why is it important to have a broader and more in-depth understanding of the celebrated, yet dreaded “pipeline”. Is a pipeline a hindrance or a blessing? Should you as an artist or studio owner invest time to expand your pipeline, or not? Asset Management, Sequential and Parallel Workflows, Publishing, Databasing, Information Management, Sequence Stamping, Departmental Workflows, Data Structuring and Version Control are just some of the concepts being looked at a little bit closer as we consider the pros and cons of taking it one step further."


Vortex: a pipeline platform for digital film and animation

Vortex is (Copied from their website):

"A pipeline platform designed primarily for the digital film and animation industry.
Vortex is a platform tool designed to consolidate the features of a complex animation/vfx pipeline into a single unified interface. The focus of the tool is on portability, scalability, and maintaining a small infrastructure footprint within a heterogeneous environment. The tool is broadly scoped and aimed at multiple scales of production, from individual to large size studios. Managing work and data flow within a complex system is a daunting task for users at many levels, and this tool aims to simplify both the daily and overall interactions for users (from crew to management).

Implementation of a pipeline with the tool is two-fold. Vortex provides a few built in systems (custom file views, versioning, role management, task management, cross platform interoperability, queue management, scalable database backend, 3rd party software access, API), but otherwise a…

Talk Management System: a web based software for feature film and TV producing, from script break down to file distribution.

Talk Management System is (Copied from their website):
"A web based software, created to ease the process of feature film and television producing, from the script break down to file distribution.
Talk Production Management is a reliable, cost-effective online solution for managing film, visual effects, and television productions.
It’s a bridge between Creativity and Management to track your money, not only your assets.

The developers are a group of film and VFX industry professionals who got tired of rebuilding our production pipelines from scratch with every new project. Consisting of a team with such diverse backgrounds as visual effects, film production, audio, web design and visual effects software development.
They’re united by a shared conviction that well-designed management software can have a huge positive impact on media & entertainment productions.
The Talk Management System was founded in 2005."

Invisually: A web based VFX Shots database for feature & TV project tracking

Invisually is (Copied from their website):
"Designed to be used flexibly by the entire VFX production team, by Producers, Editorial, and Facilities.

The principle goal of Invisually is ease of use. Our application-like interface gives access to crucial data quickly and gives artists and management immediate results in managing the pipeline. 

The approach is simple. You can start the show with Invisually at the breakdown stage, or import any spreadsheet or database file for instant integration. Add thumbnail images and Quicktime movies, and you are up and running. 

Invisually tracks all shots and assets in the show. Individual records hold all notes, scanning info, past and present versions, and comments from all departments. Integrated email based tools automatically distribute client, vendor, and production notes."

FTrack: A Project, Workflow and Asset Management System for creative companies.

FTrack is (Copied from their website):
"A Project, Workflow and Asset Management System for creative companies such as VFX, Animation, Post Production and Game Development studios.
FTrack will give you access to:
- Scheduling with dependencies and resource booking
- Workflows
- Real-time reporting with cost & progress
- Communication
- Digital assets
- All across multiple projects or productions.

FTrack has been developed by people who have spent many years as artists, supervisors, developers and producers, and who believe that being on top of your projects should be easy and straight forward. Therefore FTrack is extremely scalable and suits studios from 10 to 1000 artists.

It is also highly customisable: everything is configurable, from page layout and data representation to the creation of custom entities."

ResourceSpace: a web-based, free open source digital asset management system

ResourceSpace is (Copied from their website):
"A web-based, open source digital asset management system which has been designed to give your content creators easy and fast access to print and web ready assets.

The application was originally developed for Oxfam GB, and is in daily use by their internal resources team to manage and distribute over 60,000 photo, text and video resources. In the summer of 2006, Oxfam released the product under a BSD-style license and since then significant further development has been funded by a variety of organisations around the world.
Some of its features: - Completely web based
- Easily share your resources with suppliers and the public.
- Automatic previews and conversion
- Supporting metadata standards"

Steampipe, and asset management framework, is in Beta

I just found that the guys behind OpenPipeline are working on a new software called SteamPipe (Copied from their website):
"An asset management framework with a centralized server, and a web interface.
The framework allows organizations to easily define workflows and build in automation to standardize and minimize investment, and asset types are declared as plug-ins, so customizing, extending, and creating new assets or building on existing assets is possible.

SteamPipe will be available as a custom installation during Beta, contact them for more information."

OpenPipeline´s new website

OpenPipeline has a new website:

In CGW´s Volume: 32 Issue: 8 (Aug. 2009) you can see an article "Building the Perfect Production Pipeline", showing that OpenPipeline(Copied from their website) is:
"An underground, open-source project" (...) "began as an experiment to produce an easy-to-use production pipeline. It has since evolved into a serious tool for managing the production pipeline and teaching production asset management in the classroom"

Scribbeo: iOS app to view, comment, and collaborate on visual content

Jorge sent me this (Copied from their website):

"Scribbeo is an iOS app that allows individuals and groups to view, comment, and collaborate on visual content. Scribbeo is a Universal app that works on iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. 

Annotate video & images directly on screen
Email notes and markups via PDF/HTML
Notes include timecode, date, & initials
Collaborate with other users using our free Scribbeo Server
AirPlay and AirPrint compatible
Expedite complex communication threads
Local, Network, and Live Transcode modes"

MediaSilo 3.0 : the next step in cloud-based tools for video pros

I couldn´t find a written descrition in mediasilo´s site so I am quoting another one I found on a different site:

"MediaSilo helps to significantly streamline the post-production process by enabling better communication between client and vendor. Users visit a website where they access video clips that can be annotated and approved. Editors can then export the feedback and continue work without the need to burn and ship DVDs and then wait for days to receive feedback.

Originally developed in-house and only available to our clients, MediaSilo's online collaboration, video asset management, and web-broadcast tools are now available to anyone at

The bottom line is a shorter post-production period that saves valuable time and helps reduce project timelines, better overall communication between all stakeholders, and more transparency into post-production."

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