Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Talk Management System: a web based software for feature film and TV producing, from script break down to file distribution.

Talk Management System is (Copied from their website):
"A web based software, created to ease the process of feature film and television producing, from the script break down to file distribution.
Talk Production Management is a reliable, cost-effective online solution for managing film, visual effects, and television productions.
It’s a bridge between Creativity and Management to track your money, not only your assets.

The developers are a group of film and VFX industry professionals who got tired of rebuilding our production pipelines from scratch with every new project. Consisting of a team with such diverse backgrounds as visual effects, film production, audio, web design and visual effects software development.
They’re united by a shared conviction that well-designed management software can have a huge positive impact on media & entertainment productions.
The Talk Management System was founded in 2005."


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