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A directory of Open-Source projects for the VFX community

I was checking Render Mania and I found a post about  (QUOTE) " website opened recently. This is intended to be a central portal of open source VFX projects (...) their goals include listing and presenting valuable open-source projects for the VFX community and giving a voice to OS project leaders and VFX pros to promote their work and keep us updated."

Interesting softwares for 3D distributed production (updated)

Scroll down for a brief update on online video-editing tools.

Over the years I have coordinated several projects in which a number of artists work separately. Although very far from a perfect solution, I have found different useful tools that can help anyone in a similar situation. These are the tasks I have found more overwhelming, and the corresponding tools that might be to manage them:
DEVELOPMENT. A lot of work has to be redone every time if writers, designers, etc. don´t use an adequate system. Celtx seems a very interesting tool to start properly with your projects.
COORDINATION. Simply knowing who is doing what and how much is already done can be a nightmare, specially when you are not working full time on a project. The tool I find myself using more often is Google Docs & Spreadsheets. It allows several users to edit a shared spreadsheet simultaneously. It has some limitations compared to a full-featured spreadsheet (or even compared to Excel) namely conditional formatting an…

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