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Plumber Production system for Maya

Plumber is an asset-based production system For Maya 8.5 up to 2011. Currently Plumber has only been certified as a Windows-based tool, butthey  hope to certify it soon for LINUX.
The Professional version costs 120 $ per seat, the Amateur version is 45 $

Completely GUI based.Work collaboratively with shared asset libraries, simple department switching, and concise shot management tools.An asset-based system, Plumber automatically organizes models, puppets, characters, sets, and props.Easily integrate pre-existing tools, unique procedures and custom scripts into the Plumber system. Plumber utilizes big studio pipeline methods.

Partio Open Source particle formats conversion

It seems Disney is  going to open source part of its I+D, by opening Partio:  "The goal of Partio is to provide a unified interface akin to unified image libraries that makes it easier to load, save, and manipulate particle files".
Right now it supports "Houdini's GEO and BGEO, Maya's PDB and PDA, RenderMan's PTC" but it is not available to download for now.
The reason to go Open Source seems to be because they "would like to collaborate to design the appropriate format in the context of open source" for a future "efficient cached and ordered format that allows nearest neighbor searches without an initial KD-Tree search and also can have only part of the particle set in memory at once"

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