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Shotgun is now in private beta.

Shotgun initially focused on "production tracking" and has evolved into "a powerful web-based collaboration tool for digital studios of all sizes".
After 3.5 years working in "stealth mode" keeping a low profile while collaborating closely with a cross section of studios, they have more than 2,000 people from the visual effects, feature animation, and video game industries using their software every day in production.
Some relevant features are:
- Web-based, Cross Platform. It runs right in a browser.
- Constant access to the latest project schedule for everyone.
- Integrated Messaging with Shotgun Notes to replace emails.
- Issue and Bug Tracking
- Highly configurable, with customizable fields and flexible python API to let you integrate into your pipeline.
The software is now in private beta, looking for studios and individuals who are interested in what they are building and would like to take a closer look.

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