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On November 2007, Eskil kindly answered my generic request for information on the subject of this blog, but then I simply forgot until today, when I found the emails I exchanged with him.

I can only recommend you to have a look at it.
I think the implications are immense.

He mentioned Verse, "a network protocol for 3d graphics". This might sound a bit abstract, but if you dig a little deeper, you get to the fascinating part, for instance, this introduction comes from his own site, Quelsolaar:

"Verse is a network standard that a allows graphics applications to share data in real-time. It means that two or more independent applications can share the same data. If you make a change in one you immediately see the change in the other. It is a free and open source system that can be integrated in to any graphics application to allow them to share data. You can collaborate with other users over the Internet, use it for content pipe-lining, games, VR, simulation and much much more.…

Research on visual effects production databases

I was checking this interesting Research on visual effects production databases by Jan Heinze, commenting on Showrunner, shotrunner, Missing Link & Mathilda, and stumbled upon another software in the comments section: Cinesoft´s Cerebro ("a complete visual project management solution") and Duma ("a sophisticated render farm management system").

Later, Konstantin, from cinesoft, left a comment with a link to his even more complete listing.
In his site you can also see two other lists:
- Remote review and approval tools
- Multiplatform Render Management Software

Thanks Konstantin!

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