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Shameless Self Promotion


I have been keeping this blog for some time, and plan to keep on it as long as possible. I know there are not many places to find this sort of information (If you know of any, send it to me to be published!)

Today I would like to ask for a small return from the readers. Free and very simple things.

1.- If you want a Dropbox account, get one free right now USING THIS LINK: and help me get some aditional space on mine, with no cost for you.

2.- Do you see "all those messages by G00GL3 in this page that are not my posts"? Some people work hard to ellaborate them and put them there for you, and since most are closely related to the subject of this blog, surely you will obtain a benefit from visiting some of them now and then... and so would I!

3.- Visit these pages of my projects:
 - The director´s blog about the short film I am working on. There is a brand new comic strip every monday for you (in spanish)!
 - Mad & Bad 3D animated …

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