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Brevity: Transport & transcode video into a single process

Simplify your workflows by combining transport and transcoding into a single process, enabling the simultaneous delivery of video in multiple formats to multiple locations at the push of a button.
Discover the unique quality and speed advantages of Brevity's patent-pending algorithms, designed around the human visual and perceptual system and optimized for high-end production and distribution workflows.
Begin where others solutions peaks out. Brevity's optimized algorithms can transport video bit for bit or visually lossless at highly accelerated speeds while simultaneously transcoding on the edge.
Collaborate on projects with a enterprise web based application designed to simplify complex workflows with automated project-based file delivery rules and transcoding profiles.

Brevity delivers its solution through a cloud based enterprise media management and collaboration solution that utilizes automated project-driven workflows, advanced algorithms, and teraFLOPS of computing power,…

Blog on Project Management for the Media and Entertainment industry

Talk Management System keeps a very interesting blog on Project Management for the Media and Entertainment industry.

Among many other articles, there is a really impressive (though somewhat otdated) "list of Softwares for Media & Entertainment for the project management industry":

Wrike online project management platform adds freemium account

Wrike Wrike is an online project management platform for making work fast, easy and efficient in co-located and distributed teams. 
It has just added a Free account "Perfect for small teams, student projects and solopreneurs: Key features for up to 5 power users and unlimited collaborators."
You can upgrade to premium for aditional features such as: Gantt Charts, time-tracking, workload view, reports...

Turok: Animation Workflow

This is a really detailed post by Cameron Fielding, analyzing very detailedly his own personal workflow as a 3D animator on a single shot, from initial analysis to final refine.

It´s essential to understand the operator needs in order to serve them in a flexible way.
I don´t recommend anyone to go the other way around...

3D Animation Project Making of: Our 1st 3D animation film

This blogs was written by a group of finnish students working on an ambitious 3D animation project that was finally abandoned, unfortunately.
However, step by step they shared what they were learning about doing a team 3D production, so it is loaded with information about other blogs, video tutorials, conferences, tips...

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