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PIPELINE: A simple projects manager for Autodesk Maya

A  producer of two graduation short films just sent me an email:
"We all know how complicated Shotgun is: I found this Maya-centric project manager that looks awesome. Surely it´s not the mastodon that Shotgun is, but could be useful for the new short films, mainly to save the burden of setting all the craziness we have suffered"

Main features are:

Project organisation:Folder structure and naming conventions.

Version control: Saves and versions scenes and playblasts.

Team collaboration: Roles and permissions

Last update was in February 2018, but Lior seems pretty fast to reply in the feedback forum.

Let me share some relevant information I´ve found in the web page

"The license is restricted to a single user - without any other limitations."

The "Non-Commercial use only with Limited functionality" Trial license is free

The "Non-Commercial and Educational use only - Requires Email verification" Student License costs $10

The Ready for p…

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