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SIGGRAPH BOF: Temerity Pipeline User Group

Jim Callahan kindly sent me an invitation to attend their "Birds of Feather" session at SIGGRAH 2008 next Tuesday.
I won´t be attending SIGGRAPH this year, but I thought it´d be interesting for the people who visit this blog.
Temerity Pipeline User Group
Tuesday 12 August
Los Angeles Convention Center
Room 307
2 - 5pm
"This year we will start by giving a brief overview of the core ideas behind Temerity Pipeline and its major features for those who have not been exposed to the software before. Then we'll talk in more detail about some of the more interesting new features introduced since last year's SIGGRAPH. Finally, we'll wrap up by talking about some important new features we plan to introduce in the next 6-12 months.

These BOF tend to be pretty informal and we encourage both questions and general discussion from the audience throughout the meeting. Attendees will likely be a mixture long time Pipeline users, people from studios interested in Pipeline and peop…

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