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New features in Cinesoft´s Cerebro project management system

Cerebro´s latest newsletter informs of a few new features:
Task Tracking: More intuitive "matrix" displaying the current situation on the project, divided into standard process steps.

New Notification Types: Task displaying filter in the users e-mail notification system. Thus, the user can choose the most convenient mode of getting notifications that new tasks are available to him, as well as warnings for the approaching start of the planned tasks.

Assigned Tasks Filtering: On the "To Do List" tab, a new filter has appeared to hide the assigned tasks, which are currently unavailable to start working on. The filter is useful when a user is working on a long-time project with a large number of interconnected tasks.

Jornadas sobre industria audiovisual en el cloud: 20 Nov. Barcelona, 22 Noviembre Madrid

Sorry for posting in spanish,

En nuestro día a día interaccionamos con el cloud de una manera constante a través de banca electrónica, redes sociales, prensa electrónica, streamings de música, archivos multimedia... y las empresas también utilizan soluciones basadas en cloud como CRM, webmail, etc. ¿Está la industria audiovisual adaptando sus procesos a esta nueva realidad? ¿Se aprovechan estas nuevas soluciones para mejorar la productividad y reducir costes en un entorno cada vez más competitivo, sobretodo bajo la coyuntura actual? ¿A qué retos se enfrenta la industria del cloud para adaptarse a los requisitos de la industria audiovisual? ¿Cuáles son los temores de nuestro sector al utilizar este tipo de soluciones? VSN, KIM y MRi os invitan a participar en estas jornadas, donde principales actores de la cadena de valor audiovisual como productoras, distribuidoras de contenidos, organismos públicos, gestores de derechos y medios de comunicación, compartirán su aproximación a las soluc…

Vortex: pipeline platform for the digital film and animation industry

Vortex is a very flexible cross-platform, Python based platform tool designed to consolidate the features of a complex animation/vfx pipeline into a single unified interface, from individual to large size studios. 

Vortex acts as a development platform upon which to build more complex pipeline methods, with the following built in systems:
- Custom file views
- Versioning
- Role management
- Task management
- Cross platform interoperability
- Queue management
- Scalable database backend
- 3rd party software access

While you are there, have a look at the blog as well:

Effects Corner: Insights to visual effects for motion pictures and television.

Scott Squires has been keeping this blog for 7 years now.
I think readers of this blog might be specially interested in:
Naming conventions and workflow
VFX management
VFX schedules
Although not directly related to animation, I find the whole blog really interesting, since it covers many subjects related directly or indirectly to VFX, and also has a substantial amount of VFX INDUSTRY - STATE OF THE INDUSTRY articles.

WeVideo: Online platform for collaborative video production in the cloud.

WeVideo is a web based online platform for collaborative video production in the cloud.

It has a full-featured video editor, supporting all digital file formats from common camera devices, exports to 360p up to 1080p full HD.

Render is fast regardless of your CPU,  since all processing is done on the cloud (you need a paid subscription also to get local download of exports to your computer)

Being online, uploading the files form your desktop can be time consuming but WeVideo for Google Drive allows to create and organize videos directly from your Drive, and even share a WeVideo edit like any other Google document.

You can also connect WeVideo to your Social media accounts to export directly to social media networks like Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook and Twitter.

At last, you can use WeVideo mobile uploading application to add videos, images and music directly to your WeVideo account, and invite your friends into the project.

Wrike free app for smartphones: Project management in your pocket

Wrike has released free Android and iPhone apps with five views:
- “To-do”:  Overview of your responsibilities, deadlines and important tasks across all projects.
- "Activty Stream": A digest of the latest news, task updates and discussions.
- “Someday”: All backlogged tasks without start and due dates.
- "Timer": Count the time you’re spending on a task.
- “Archived”: Quick and easy access to all completed, cancelled and deferred tasks.
For mor details, tips, and download links:

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