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Jornadas sobre industria audiovisual en el cloud: 20 Nov. Barcelona, 22 Noviembre Madrid

Sorry for posting in spanish,

En nuestro día a día interaccionamos con el cloud de una manera constante a través de banca electrónica, redes sociales, prensa electrónica, streamings de música, archivos multimedia... y las empresas también utilizan soluciones basadas en cloud como CRM, webmail, etc. ¿Está la industria audiovisual adaptando sus procesos a esta nueva realidad? ¿Se aprovechan estas nuevas soluciones para mejorar la productividad y reducir costes en un entorno cada vez más competitivo, sobretodo bajo la coyuntura actual? ¿A qué retos se enfrenta la industria del cloud para adaptarse a los requisitos de la industria audiovisual? ¿Cuáles son los temores de nuestro sector al utilizar este tipo de soluciones? VSN, KIM y MRi os invitan a participar en estas jornadas, donde principales actores de la cadena de valor audiovisual como productoras, distribuidoras de contenidos, organismos públicos, gestores de derechos y medios de comunicación, compartirán su aproximación a las soluciones cloud al objeto de fomentar un entorno de debate e intercambio de opiniones.


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"Simple Animation" the first cloud based, virtual, animation studio has been disclosed at SIGGRAPH

Simple Animation is a ground breaking solution that allows to set up a virtual studio with artist tools, production tracking, storage and rendering farm, paying exclusively on the go, and accessing talent anywhere in the world.

The artists just need the basic physical interface: any low-end computer with his choice of display and mouse/digitizer, and a reasonable internet connection.
Once securely logged into the system, they´ll have access to a complete virtual workstation loaded with any production software they might need (either free or commercial), a production tracking system, etc. just as if they were sitting at a brick and mortar studio.
Artists don´t have to install or run any software on their own computer, in fact they can´t even download the assets locally: everything is running in Simple Animation server, and kept securely there.
The possibilities are truly endless:
- Imagine you need a super powerful workstation for just a few days to calculate and render a massive fluid simu…

Nimble collective: a virtual streaming collaborative animation platform

Nimble is a virtual collaborative animation platform on the cloud, via app streaming. That means no software installation, no file transfers, no hardware or operative system issues...

Being software agnostic, you can use your favorite animation tools and then invite collaborators to join you on your 2D or 3D project creating and animating on a web browser: model, rig, texture, light, animate, render, composite, edit...
 You will do your own budget and schedule-planning, get your own virtual studio running in minutes, and populate it with artists from around the world. You can even set up revenue sharing.

They are in beta testing right now, with a first “Pilot Program” limited to a small group of invited guests and just premiered the first animated content to utilize the platform 'Animal Fact #164', at Siggraph 2016.

Animal Fact #164 from Nimble Collective on Vimeo.

Animal Facts #164 was created leveraging components of the Nimble Collective platform, going from script to scree…

CGRU: Afanasy render farm manager, Rules CG project tracking, Movie Maker dailies

Although CGRU CG Tools Pack has been going on for over three years, it is gaining momentum since its latest release (2.0.7) last month. It is free, open source, and available on Windows, Mac and linux.

The set of tools includes:
"Afanasy" render farm manager"Rules" CG projects tracker which you can try online"Movie Maker" scriptable image sequence encoder"Keeper" system tray icon.These are the features (from their web page)

AFANASY Render Farm Manager
Flexible: JSON protocol, Python API.Farm Resources Monitoring: CPU (System,User), RAM, HDD, SWAP, I/O, Net and Custom (Python).Generic: Can do anything that can be described via commands.Statistics: SQL database and a ready Web GUI (PHP) to browse it.Multi-Task Hosts: One host can run several tasks.Multi-Host Tasks: One task can run on several hosts (master service and slaves).Software Licenses Limits.Dependences, Priorities, Services, Parsers, Wake-On-Lan, Mixed-Os, Qt GUI, Web GUI (HTML5), CLI, Nimby…

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