Thursday, January 22, 2009

On November 2007, Eskil kindly answered my generic request for information on the subject of this blog, but then I simply forgot until today, when I found the emails I exchanged with him.

I can only recommend you to have a look at it.
I think the implications are immense.

He mentioned Verse, "a network protocol for 3d graphics". This might sound a bit abstract, but if you dig a little deeper, you get to the fascinating part, for instance, this introduction comes from his own site, Quelsolaar:

"Verse is a network standard that a allows graphics applications to share data in real-time. It means that two or more independent applications can share the same data. If you make a change in one you immediately see the change in the other. It is a free and open source system that can be integrated in to any graphics application to allow them to share data. You can collaborate with other users over the Internet, use it for content pipe-lining, games, VR, simulation and much much more."

"There is also a lot of interesting stuff about verse in the Collada forums. You can find some interesting stuff about how verse can be used for game creation there."

Just google to find out how he uses Verse to create his own MMO game "Love".

He showed some of the stuff at SIGGRAPH in 2006, at GDC in 2007, etc.
Just Google around to find the last news.

I wanted to know more about the project, to put in context aproppriately, so I asked if he had some info on its use for 3D production (other than videogames)?
"You are talking about fx/animation? Well not much, the Orange project used it to paint texture maps in Gimp and see it on the model in blender. Verse is in no way designed for just game development it just happens that I work in games and many game developers are interested in using verse. If more fx/animation people would contact us we would definitely work with them. I think that when we get more verse support in to apps many more uses will come along."

It sure looks very promising but I would like to see it in some real case.
"I have been working on a game using a full verse pipeline , but this game has been under NDA so i haven't been able to publish anything about it.
Right now how ever i am working on another game that will have a verse pipeline and it is not under NDA, as soon as i have gotten a little further i can publish that.
"Otherwise the Verse - Collada project shows you pretty well how it would work. It shows you how to collaborate using verse and a non rendering technology specific data set and the output it to specific platforms."

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