Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Shepherd: A goodlooking newcomer

I just stumbled upon this new sourceforge project, which I am adding to my to-check list.

"Shepherd is an asset and project manager specifically created for the visual effect/Animation industry. Currently still under first construction, tools have been made for Autodesk Maya for integration in to the project which will eventually be usable to keep a track on version of files and stages of production.
Shepherd is being written in python using pyqt to make it cross platform, though the primary development platform is currently Linux."

I asked the project admin, Ashley Retallak, and he gave kindly me an update on the status of the project:

"Shepherd is currently in planning really, though some Maya scripts UI designs have been made/started. I am working on it with help from some people that also work in London, trying to develop it in to a project that can easily be customized for use with any software (off the shelf or proprietary), using a module based architecture. It's main core is to give an easy to use versioning system for files with in a project, so the basics of making sure everyone is working with the most stable version of models, rigs lights etc is automated."

2007 is sure coming packed with news!

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