Thursday, March 29, 2007

PSD2Mat a Photoshop to Max/VRay Material converter

Anselm wrote to announce Georg Dümlein´s release of , a PSD to Max/VRay Material converter, "a highly improving pipeline tool for Texturing and Shading Artist. PSD2Mat is a production proven connection between Adobe PhotoShop® and Autodesk 3D Studio MAX®. This maxscript converts layered PSD Files into a Scanline or VRay-Material. Named layers are converted to bitmapfiles and assigned to their respective material slots."

Autodetection of map names in layered PSD files.
Configurable with 'textfiles'
Photoshop Template Helpers

Georg Duemlein aka RDG developed this tool.
Anselm v. Seher-Thoß aka PsychoSilence was the advisor in this project.
Last but not least we'd like to thank Keith Boshoff (Wahooney) whose PSD2Material was the cornerstone for developing this tool.

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