Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Battle Star Galactica lighting, scene break out, compositing and OpenEXR

Juan Carlos sent me two links about "Making a space scene the Battlestar Galactica Way using Lightwave3D, Digital Fusion and the benefits of OpenEXR Render Buffer Image Saving with exrTrader"

One of the links is about "lighting, scene break out with Lightwave" and the other link is about "compositing with Fusion", both by Kelly "Kat" Myers, the Visual FX consultant for Battlestar Galactica Seasons II and III show.

Specially interesting in my opinion is the information about using the OpenEXR image format, Kelly seems very happy with it!

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Kelly "Kat" Myers said...

Thanks for the props and links to the tutorial I wrote featuring Lightwave and exrTrader from (DB&W Germany).
More tutorials will be posted on BSG and other shows I have worked on since. I am currently hammering away at the VFX for "Welcome To the Cosmos" and it should be done shortly and releases in september or so of this year (2009). for more info.
If anyone has any specific requests on how we did the VFX for BSG, please let me know by emailing me off that page.

Kelly "Kat" Myers
Declaration Pictures
Vancouver, Canada.