Tuesday, October 2, 2012

3D Animation Project Making of: Our 1st 3D animation film

This blogs was written by a group of finnish students working on an ambitious 3D animation project that was finally abandoned, unfortunately.
However, step by step they shared what they were learning about doing a team 3D production, so it is loaded with information about other blogs, video tutorials, conferences, tips...



Alex Frisch said...

3D animation is playing a larger role in today's film, games, and television projects. As customer expectations increase in contrast to shorter timelines and shrinking budgets, artists and 3D animation facilities require modern production pipelines to help them compete and succeed in the 3D animation industry.

Alex Frisch

nutlis adward said...

hey guys!
fanatic work keep on your 3d.I will be hanging around the following submit about it however could possibly be some thing various.