Monday, January 7, 2013

XYZ color bars to test your DCP workflow

This post is maybe not 100% related to the blog, but who knows if you will be in my situation one of these days...

I recently prepared my first DCP using OpenDCP and following the instructions in, it takes several steps, including changing the color space from RGB to XYZ among other things, but when we went for a technical test projection on a real theater, we found out that the result was... well... pink all over :-( 
Although the projector ingested the DCP correctly, the colours were all wrong, obviously I made some mistake along the process.

My main problem was that there is no easy way to check if the XYZ color output is even remotely correct other than using an XYZ projector or monitor, so I looked for a color bar image:
And asked a friend to "properly" convert it from wide gamut RGB into XYZ,so I could use it to home-test the result of the conversion process before taking the trip and upsetting the projectionist at the theater:

So now you can take the original RGB color bars image, convert it, and check if the resulting image is "correct", meaning that it has the same values as this "correctly" converted XYZ color bars image, to check if your workflow is heading in the right direction.

Hope this helps you!

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Thanks so much for this.