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CGRU: Afanasy render farm manager, Rules CG project tracking, Movie Maker dailies

Although CGRU CG Tools Pack has been going on for over three years, it is gaining momentum since its latest release (2.0.7) last month. It is free, open source, and available on Windows, Mac and linux.

The set of tools includes:
  • "Afanasy" render farm manager
  • "Rules" CG projects tracker which you can try online 
  • "Movie Maker" scriptable image sequence encoder
  • "Keeper" system tray icon.
These are the features (from their web page)

AFANASY Render Farm Manager 
  • Flexible: JSON protocol, Python API.
  • Farm Resources Monitoring: CPU (System,User), RAM, HDD, SWAP, I/O, Net and Custom (Python).
  • Generic: Can do anything that can be described via commands.
  • Statistics: SQL database and a ready Web GUI (PHP) to browse it.
  • Multi-Task Hosts: One host can run several tasks.
  • Multi-Host Tasks: One task can run on several hosts (master service and slaves).
  • Software Licenses Limits.
  • Dependences, Priorities, Services, Parsers, Wake-On-Lan, Mixed-Os, Qt GUI, Web GUI (HTML5), CLI, Nimby (automatic and schedule).
  • Software Integration: AE, Blender, Cinema4D, Fusion, Houdini, Max, Maya, Natron, Nuke, XSI

RULES WEB engine to view/modify folders structure, designed for CG projects tracking.

  • Comment scenes, shots, folders (both text and painted over notes).
  • Edit shots (folders) statuses, progresses, artists and tags.
  • Subscribe channels (folders), receive news on changes.
  • View images sequences, draw annotations
  • Create, view and comment dailies
  • Setup users, groups, permissions.
  • Convert multiply movies or sequences to other movies or sequences via Afanasy.
  • Create/extract archives and put files on FTP via Afanasy.
Movie Maker
  • Make Dailies.
  • Search for sequences for encode.
  • Flexible: Python, ImageMagick, FFMpeg.
  • CLI and PyQt GUI for it.
  • Can be integrated in any pipe-line.
  • Custom annotating and codecs presets.
  • Afanasy integration.
  • System tray icon with menu.
  • CGRU tools launcher.
  • Any software launcher.
  • Custom commands launcher.
  • Afanasy integration.
  • Local render status icon.
  • Local render fast manipulation
As always, let us know if you have used it!


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