Thursday, December 21, 2006

Software in the Animation Industry Data Base

As Diego suggested, i checked AIDB site looking for existing software in this field.

There are 32 entries in the Workflow / Project Tracking section, but the info is a bit outdated and inaccurate.
Other than Alienbrain, I couldn´t find any program that fitted in the category.
Anyway, these 3 projects somehow called my attention:

Wiredrive Projects: A project-based client area used for reviewing and approving creative work and production documents.

PECS Tools Suite is a "Data Pipeline Management Solution": A software and hardware solution for the management of Motion Capture Studios, including Planning, Shooting, Team management of post production, Asset management and version control, Quality control and Delivery scheduling.

ReviewManager is an outsourced client-review tool


Bill Sewell said...

Greetings - we found you through a Google search and would love to help support you on this research. We have several clients using Wiredrive for commercial and TV animation projects and could shed some real world information on online digital workflows.

Over the last 7 years, Wiredrive has become the industry standard for commercial production companies and post production companies to share work in progress with their clients over the web. That being said, there is not a single "one-size fits all" tool out there, so we are very interested in helping out with workflow research.

Call us at 310-823-8238 if you would like to talk more about it.



Gerardo Álvarez León said...

Hi Bill! Thanks for your comment.

Right now I am doing some theoretical research, in order to layout a generic and simple web questionaire that I can then pass to real production companies, something that can be answered in a short time.

When it is ready I will let you know so you might hopefully pass it those companies to see if they would like to fill it up.

Also, be sure to check other projects in this blog, and notify us if you know of any other that might be interesting.

Best regards


Hans-Christian Jehg said...

Hello Mr. Álvarez

As a response to this and the sparking blog entry:

I have just checked the the Workflow/Project Tracking section of AIDB, and I did find our company HoBSoft in the list. I would just like to add that our services responds very precisely to your point

3.- Programs that allow to manage tasks, assets, processes, files, etc. Specially GPL ones.

The HoBSoft product is not s software package, but rather a consultancy service with the workflow based production tools attached. The reason for this is that it requires quite some experience to set up such a system in an efficient manner, especially avoiding pitfalls while planning the workflow. The system is an "Integrated Production System". This means that it is an it infrastructure tightly coupling User interface, Database, Automation and Reporting. Further more we automatically maintain the full resolution rolling master for review at any time, and we keep the editing systems (Yes plural, and in several studios) up to date with the latest delivered footage.

Regarding Naming conventions. When you are done you will end up with a directory tree with ~100.000 folders named approximately like the manual says. Automation in humanly created file trees is almost impossible, it needs to be automatically created with strict naming. The HoBSoft automation system takes care of that as well of consistancy checks on the delivered foortage (duration, resolution, bitdepth...), secure data transfers between studios, import, export, rendering. No more booring manual work that will go wrong.

We have so far worked on
Hamilton Mattress (2001) - Stop motion
Garden Of Dana (2004) - Stop motion
Terkel In Trouble (2004) - 3D
Cirkeline And The Smallest Superhero Of The World (2004) - 2D cutout
Asterix And The Vikings (2006) - 2D paper with some 3D elements
Brendan & The Secret Of Kells (2007) - 2D paper with some 3D scenes
Chico & Rita (in production) - 2D paper mixed with some 3D props and about 50% 3D Backgrounds.

Our experience tells us that you benefit from services like this if any of the following statements are true about your animated feature production:

1) Budget more than 3.000.000 Euro
2) You work in more than one studio
3) You have a complicated workflow

Normally you save about 5 time the cost of our services, and you get a better end product as well...!

See here about the kind of systems we install

The services we supply when we work on a production

and here, how the director, Tomm Moore would do approvals from home, the airport.. or the beach

Oh, and HoBSoft works on both 2D (paper or paperless), 3D, cutout, stop motion, claymation... and mixes of those

Don't hesitate to ask questions about this.

Best regards
Hans-Christian Jehg

Gerardo Álvarez León said...

Hi Hans-Christian! Thanks for your comment