Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Some links about Crowd-sourcing

I have been doing some research on crowdsourcing ( businessweek definition: "the practice of using large, distributed and minimally directed groups to accomplish tasks") and its applications on 3D animated production.

Check Mass Animation to get an idea of what is coming just around the corner. Scary, isn´t it?

So what do you need to set up your own film studio for free? Well, not much, one might think after visiting Wreck a Movie :" a collaborative film production platform, where anybody can come and set up their own film production, and find a community to collaborate on, or find an interesting film productions and become a collaborator". It is free for everyone, serves all kinds of audiovisual productions, from short films and music videos all the way to feature-length films.
The founders are a group of filmmakers from Finland.

This cnet article about Open-source films gives a wider scope on the subject.

More links pointing in the same direction:

Film Riot, a project by Cambrian House

Media Silo, a site for media-related collaborative work

GlobeShooter an upcoming network and production company to connect commercial producers with UGC filmmakers, in the space of merging online video content to produce original clips at a fraction of the price.

Genius Rocket: A marketplace where companies seeking a new ad campaign and artists can meet and collaborate.

Vator has even more more business ideas community of peers helping each other with their creative works. The service allows writers or film producers to submit their works for review by other like minded people. Francis Ford Coppola started a site where you can submit film scripts, film sets, designs, stories, images, etc., for peer review, and for professional sale.

The WorkBook project gives many more ideas on all the related issues to making your film.

Funding-related ideas:
Gathering funds: Fundable and Chipin
Personal loans: Prosper
Inducement prices: Big Carrot


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