Sunday, February 1, 2009

Rendering and Pipeline Management forum on CGTantra

Miguel Ángel has found this CGTantra forum , to "Discuss topics on Scene optimization, Rendering Management, Pipeline Management and IT Infrastructure and Studio Setup."
It is organized in three subforums:
- Render Management
- Pipeline Management
- Studio Setup and IT Infrastructure

This particular forum is powered by DUX Soft Pvt. Ltd., "
a unique company created to address the growing needs and demands of the Animation, Gaming & VFX industry. Dux brings to market over 14 years of experience in setting up from scratch and managing the IT infrastructure of major Animation & VFX studios." who claims to have "delivered services like "IMS" "Studio Design" "PipeLine" Rendering" "Data center Design" "Optimization" to almost 45 Studios across India & Asia."

In their web you can find, among other things, an unfinished "Knowledge Zone" with tips on Data Center , Storage , and Render, as well as a slideshow with a simple definition of workflow.

Thanks, Miguel Ángel.